Sunday, December 9, 2007


Well, this is my first blog.... as you can all tell. This week has been pretty good. Nothing really exciting went on except for the fact that I met President Dalquist (General Young Men's President) at the John Schmidt Friday night. It was pretty amazing. The music was really great too. He's an amazing pianist.
School is pretty much a drag. Except for Jazz Band.. of course. We are learning some pretty sweet Christmas Music for our Winter concert. For one of the songs I play the Baritone Saxophone and for the other two I play the Tenor Saxophone. In Jazz Band, we are trying to learn a song named "Perdido". Its a song we tried to play last year. We sucked bad enough at it last year our teacher gave up trying to teach us that song. I hope we can learn it this year though because most of the notes in the song are sixteenth notes.
Though i am really excited it has been snowing this week. I built a snowman on Monday and plan to have a snowball fight tomorrow. I really hope it continues to snow, unlike my sister who wants to get shipped off to California. Which would be a big relief.. (jk Emily.... I love you)
Well, that's pretty much how my boring week has gone....
love ya


Brittney said...

I am glad you are blogging now to. I love knowing what you guys are up to.

>Psyko^Slayer said...


Emily said...

I'd enjoy it if I got shipped off to Cali too.