Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Week That Has Just Passed

Nothing really went on this week. Since we had no school to go to. Even though probably already know this.... I went snowmobiling and was stupid enough to run into a fence. It was on accident though and it was my first time driving one.
I had a really good Christmas this year and not just for the receiving but mostly for the giving. We did get a Wii though. Its a lot of fun..... turns out it was at my dad's second counselor's house since the beginning of November.
Nothing else happened except for me lazing around all week and I had a friend over Friday and played on my Wii with her.
Hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve and are each having huge parties. (The ones without the drinking though :)....)
Love you all


Ali Smith said...

I never heard about the snowmobile incident?? Who's snowmobile and where were you at?? I am glad you were okay...I have ran into a fence before, scaring your Grandpa half to death..
love you

Aimee said...

i think it was freds and it was only at grandpas house