Sunday, January 20, 2008

This Past Week

Well this is pretty much the same as all the other posts I sent out.... nothing really happened this week. Surprise, surprise.
I went to the eye doctor this week as you all know and am getting contacts next Friday. I'm so excited... even though (yes, I know Fred) I have to touch my eye. The weird thing about it though is I only have to get one contact. Its for my right eye because the doctor says not to worry about my left eye because it barely has any prescription in it. That doctor is a weird one.
And that's my week except for the long hours of school everyday with the people who crowd in the middle of the halls and need to learn how to walk, the homework I have, and no school tomorrow.
Well, have a fun week, everyone.


potentiallyred said...

No - one contact is not weird it's great! Half the cost, half the time and only one eye that is going to wig out on you at unexpected times for unexpected reasons! My contacts still give me fits some days...

Brittney said...

I never knew you could only wear one contact, that is cool!!!