Sunday, January 27, 2008

This Week

Well, Thursday the water went out for most by us, but ours didn't go out until Friday. It was a huge relief and plus we didn't even have school. YAY! Since there was no school Emily and I decided to go to the mall and look around for dresses for the Valentines Dance. Emily was shocked and amazed when we got that there was a lot less people then usual. I had to remind her everyone else was at school. We did find some cute dresses though.
Saturday night, there was a tri-stake dance. It was so much fun. I danced with a lot of guys and ended up falling on the floor. Everyone was running around in a circle and one of my "friends" pushed me (how can he be a real friend if he pushed me jk) and I fell and got a bruise on my knee where I just had one and had gotten all swollen (I fell on the tile jumping down four stairs and landed right on my knee for that to happen). Yes, I know that I'm a clutz.
Hope you all have fun!!

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Brittney said...

You should probably not jump down the stairs if you are going to be clutzy : )