Monday, April 7, 2008

Prom..... again

For all of you who are freaking out that I am going to prom, I'm posting a picture of the kid that is taking me.

His name is Hyrum Mack, or as my dad likes to call him, "Low Whiskey." His hair is a little longer now then when the picture was taken. I hope you all don’t think you are too old now that I’m going to prom. :)
Love you all,


Ali said...

Very cute!Why is your Dad calling him "LOW WHISKEY"???

Aimee said...

Because its opposite of his name. Hy... low and rum... whiskey. Get it? Hyrum... low whiskey. I know its really weird but so is my dad.

Brittney said...

Your father is a freak!!!

Brittney said...

HEY...where are your the pictures of you all doller up. The suspense is killing me.