Thursday, April 3, 2008


Grandma was pretty T.O.ed when she found out I was asked to Prom but I didn't post anything about it. So I am now posting about it so she doesn't lost her top. A kid named Hyrum Mack asked me. He just emailed me and asked if I wanted to go with him and I said yes. I am wearing Emily's light pink dress, but for all of you who have forgotten what it looks like I will bring it up to Grandma's Sunday and try it on for all those who want to see it. (That is if Emily lets me bring it up.) Prom is April 12th, but I can't do a day activity because I have a Boy Scout Meeting for Aspen Ridge. I will post pictures for you all after the dance. :)
Love you all,


Ali said...

YEAH!! I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to hear all the details and see the pictures!! I cannot believe you are dating......that is just not right, you are to young in my eyes!! :)
love you

Brittney said...

Okay so I was just adjusting to the fact that you COULD date and now you are going to Prom. This is going to fast for me : )