Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Post

My parents did decide to come home, dang (just kidding, it's good to have them home). I have to show you all the cowgirl hat they got me that is absolutely amazing! Fred you would love it!!
Emily went to the Valentine's dance last night with a kid who she had been bragging about was the cutest kid alive. It was funny, when I saw him I thought she was crazy or up on drugs. There is no way I would ever think that kid is cute. EEWW!
I am doing ANOTHER fundraiser for Jazz Band tour. Man, I am so sick of those things. I am selling cookie dough and candles if any of you want some. It was crazy, some weird guy came and started telling how to talk to people. It was freaky, he kept going on and on about how we should ask people if they want to help us and not ask them if they want to buy the stuff we are trying to sell, for about an half and hour. Man, that guy would not be quiet.
Well, thats about it. I hope you all have fun!


Ali said...

Aimee, I love your BLOG!!
love you

Brittney said...

I am very excited for my cookie dough. Do I have to bake them? :)