Sunday, March 23, 2008

This Past Week

This week nothing really has gone on. I had no school all week because of spring break.
I got a hair straightener for my birthday and my mom persuaded me to do this weird flipy-out thing with my hair. It looks pretty spastic when I do it.
I ended up helping Grandma clean her house on Monday for some money for Jazz Band Tour. That thing is making me mad; it feels like I'm begging for money. It's pathetic. I am really excited for it though; it's down in San Diego, California!!
On Thursday, I decided to go shopping with some of the craziest people I know. Michelle and Grandma (*gasp*). It was pretty crazy. We then went and had lunch dropped off Grandma, picked up a few stragglers, and headed to Smith and Edward's. We spent 2 hours there where I got the coolest belt buckle ever! Then we headed over to Cal Ranch and spent another hour there. I've got to tell you though it was loads of fun!!
I have found out though my parents don't love me. They got all of us kids chocolate Easter Bunnies and mine, of course, was bad. It was milk chocolate, but it was tan. It was pretty gross.
Well, I hope you all had a great Easter!
Love ya,


Brittney said...

I am sorry your parents don't love you. I do, I would have gotten you a good bunny : )

Ali said...

YEAH, I can't wait till you get here!! Rylee seriously has told everyone she runs into that her "FRIEND" Aimee is coming to Sea World to play for her!! So, everyone in Oceanside, knows you are coming!! Event eh friendly bum down the street!! :)