Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This Past.... While

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been busy. Let's see...
On February 20th to the 22nd I had my school musical. I swear it was the dumbest thing ever; it was called the "Nifty Fifties." No one really knew their lines, so I was glad I was just playing the music with the Jazz Band. On one of the days though, the main guy had his phone go off while he was on stage. It was pretty funny.
Then on March 1st I had another festival, but this time it was at Weber State. We did pretty good again there too.
I also had a Band Concert on the 4th, which we did okay at. We did better at it then at Exhibition Night. Exhibition Night was on the 26th of February. I don't think... no I know that we haven't played that bad in front of a group. It was horrible. No one really felt it, so we sounded bad.
On that Wednesday, we had Jazz Band region up in Logan. We sucked!! We had played those songs better before and the last song sounded horrible! We were all off and we weren't together. The scoring goes as, 1 the highest and 5 at absolutely horrible. We got a 2 and 2-. You needed at least a 1 and 1- to make it to state, so we obviously didn't make it to state.
For Jazz Band, we had another thing to play at on Saturday, March 8. It was the Bonnie Lassie Review. We sounded bad at that too. I swear we can't sound good except for in our classroom.
That's all for Jazz Band. I did end up joining track and am planning on running the 800 (for those of you that don't know, its twice around the track).
With all that going on, I happened to receive a letter from Aspen Ridge. I have to go in for an interview on Saturday, 10 minutes before the first meeting. There were actual dates for interviews but they were they worst 2 days in my schedule, so I ended up calling and seeing if I could go another day. I sure do hope I get in though.
Well, that about sums up my last couple weeks.
Hope you all have fun!


Brittney said...

You are a busy jazz playing fool!!!

Fred said...

That's hilarious his phone went off! You kids these days and your phones :-)