Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Week

Nothing really has been going on.
My first track meet was on Wednesday. I didn't do too well. I ran the 400 and came in last of three other girls. It was freezing and my muscles were really cramped up and I had never trained for that event, so it really sucked. Right after I ran though my whole body felt numb. I couldn't even tell it was cold, so my coach made me put on my jacket. It was a lot of fun, even though I missed running the 800. They never announced it!
I can't really tell if my tendonitis is getting better since my trainer (Jeff) has been gone all week. So I will figure out Monday how my ankles are doing.
Last night was the Young Women Broadcast, which was amazing, I might add. Then I went to the 930pm showing of 10,000 BC. It was an ok show, but it was really weird. It scared Emily a lot. I had to put my arm around her she was so scared, and I think she still wet her pants. It was funny she was so scared!
Well, that's about it!
Love you all tons,

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