Sunday, November 9, 2008

The 2 Dates

So yesterday I decided it was time for me to go on a date, seeing I haven't been on one in a while so I went on two. On the same day.
First date. I went with this kid named Jeremy, oh whom I work with at Lee's. He got one of his friends to go but his friend's girlfriend ended up not being able to go so it was Jeremy, his friend, and me all on a date. It was kind of weird. We went and saw Madagascar at the Junction. It is a funny movie but I still like the first one better. Then he took me home because he had to go to work. haha. So that is my first date.
The second date I went on was Morp. I went with a kid named Tory of which I worked up with at Aspen Ridge. So I picked him up, met at this chick’s house and got the other two couples, then headed to go eat at Maple Garden. It was super, super good. :) Then we all headed to the dance which was at my school in the gym. That was super fun too. They picked a cool theme for the dance, it was Wild, Wild West. Tory and I were wearing Wrangler shirts, belt buckles, boots, and even chaps. It was awesome. We were the only ones at the dance wearing chaps. He even went far enough out and wore Wrangler jeans. I post pictures later but right now I don't have them on this computer.
Both the dates were a lot of fun though.
Love you all,