Sunday, September 28, 2008

More about me!

Here it goes...


1. Playing the sax

2. The church

3. Aspen Ridge


1. Heights

2. My mom's food... JK

3. huge spiders


1. Getting an A in all of my AP classes

2. Read Book of Mormon by the end of the year

3. Finish my personal progress so i can get my Driver's License


1. drinking milk

2. I don't know

3. I was trying to get my mom to put making out with my huby but she wouldn't lol


1. I'm in 11th grade

2. I'm going back up to work at Aspen Ridge next summer

3. I have a job


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The Past Forever and Ever

Not much has gone on since I last wrote.
I got a job at Lee's for those of you who didn't know. And for those who thought I was going to go to homecoming I'm not. The kid that asked me texted me to ask me then he backed out, then he gave me roses and asked then he backed out again. My dad asked if I wanted him killed slowly or quickly. Lol, he is a funny man.
The other day I figured out that indeed my hair is curly. It kind of makes me happy.
Well that is about all.
Have a great week!