Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Week That Has Just Passed

Nothing really went on this week. Since we had no school to go to. Even though probably already know this.... I went snowmobiling and was stupid enough to run into a fence. It was on accident though and it was my first time driving one.
I had a really good Christmas this year and not just for the receiving but mostly for the giving. We did get a Wii though. Its a lot of fun..... turns out it was at my dad's second counselor's house since the beginning of November.
Nothing else happened except for me lazing around all week and I had a friend over Friday and played on my Wii with her.
Hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve and are each having huge parties. (The ones without the drinking though :)....)
Love you all

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Week

Nothing really went on this week. I finally got out of school for Christmas Break.... oops Winter Break (its not called Christmas Break anymore) on Tuesday. Finally after weeks and months of waiting we have no school for two whole entire weeks. I'm so excited! Without school all the freaking time i can build another snowman!! I haven't built one for a while.
That's pretty much all, except for yesterday my dad, my sisters, two girls from our ward, Heather and Amber Houghton, and I went shopping for someone who didn't have very much money for Christmas Gifts for themselves and bought them gifts and clothes and stuff. It was so much fun! I loved doing it!
I have been being good to finally start practicing my saxophone like I was supposed to last year, but never actually did practice it. I'm actually been getting better at our one really hard song "Perdido". It's a really cool song but its very hard. I swear your fingers have to have a seizure just to play some of it right, so i better get working on making my fingers have seizures when I play those few sixteenth notes (which are pretty much the whole song). So I'll have to see how that works out.
I got a really cool saxophone ornament from this kid, James, that has a big crush on me in Jazz Band. It's really pretty. He just walked up to me Tuesday and gave it to me and said that he saw it and thought i would like it and then got it. I thought it was really nice of him.
And that is pretty much how my lame and really boring week went.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

This Past Week

Well, this was even more boring then last.
All I pretty much had going on was my Winter Band Concert. We did pretty good, though we could have done better. We played "The Christmas Song", "Feliz Navidad", and "Good King Wenceslas". They were a lot of fun to play.
That's all i did except for making a gingerbread house and painting golf balls. As you can all tell i had a pretty lame week... ok i lied, a really lame week.
Hope you had a better one then i did!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Well, this is my first blog.... as you can all tell. This week has been pretty good. Nothing really exciting went on except for the fact that I met President Dalquist (General Young Men's President) at the John Schmidt Friday night. It was pretty amazing. The music was really great too. He's an amazing pianist.
School is pretty much a drag. Except for Jazz Band.. of course. We are learning some pretty sweet Christmas Music for our Winter concert. For one of the songs I play the Baritone Saxophone and for the other two I play the Tenor Saxophone. In Jazz Band, we are trying to learn a song named "Perdido". Its a song we tried to play last year. We sucked bad enough at it last year our teacher gave up trying to teach us that song. I hope we can learn it this year though because most of the notes in the song are sixteenth notes.
Though i am really excited it has been snowing this week. I built a snowman on Monday and plan to have a snowball fight tomorrow. I really hope it continues to snow, unlike my sister who wants to get shipped off to California. Which would be a big relief.. (jk Emily.... I love you)
Well, that's pretty much how my boring week has gone....
love ya