Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aspen Ridge Off-Roadin' Experience!

Well, as most of you know I worked up at Aspen ridge over the summer and now I'm home. Well on Thursday me and a couple of guys (Derek, Braden, Alex, and Tyson ;)) We went down around the Mountain Double Top up there and went on a Jeep trail. Well after a bit we got stuck in the mud. The mud went up to about half of the wheel. So after a hour we finally got out and headed down the trail again. But then a bit later we ended up poppin' a tire on a rock because her tires werent off-roadin tires... lol. We tried to change it but we didnt have the key to get the spare off so Derek and Alex hiked up a hill to get cell phone service to call camp and get somene over to help. So Braden, Alex, and Tyson went and met 3 other people from camp up on the saddle of Double Top and came back down. They had brought a drill but that was a no go so we left the jeep and hiked back to camp. When we got back Derek and Braden drove back with 2 other people that had a jeep with a spare the same size but they couldnt get the tire off so they drove back. The next morning Derek, Braden, and Alex all hiked back over with the tire and a hammer. After about 4 hours of them being gone me and Andria (owner of the jeep) sent Tyson and someone else with a radio to go see if they were ok. About 5 minutes after they left the Jeep returned and we radioed those 2 back. lol The funny thing is that we were supposed to off-roadin for 3 and a half hours but we were gone for 7. lol HA!


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a good time up there!!! I am glad you are back and that you blogged : )

Julia said...

I'm glad the jeep didn't get stuck up their the whole winter! ;) Glad you're home! We missed you!